• The Local PASS Toolkit is online and ready to use

    April 8, 2015 by Ankie Schoenmakers

    The Toolkit is a set of guidelines, flowcharts and tools that can be used for early identification of and an early response to newly emerging trends in drug use and abuse in your locality. Through different methods and with the help of stakeholders and key informants at different levels from all partner countries data were collected on best practice and success factors at the local level with respect to identification of, risk assessment of, and interventions for new drug trends.

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  • Best Practice Reports and Literature Reviews online

    April 8, 2015 by Ankie Schoenmakers

    The Best Practice Reports and Literature Reviews on Identification, Risk Assessment and Interventions are now available online.

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  • AUSL Bologna publishes paper on risks, substances and consumers

    Feb. 12, 2015 by Ankie Schoenmakers

    This week Raimondo Pavarin from our partner AUSL Bologna published the scientific paper Risks, substances and consumers; Studies and surveys in the metropolitan area of Bologna. The paper reports the results of studies and surveys aimed at a local approach towards new trends in psychoactive substance use and abuse in the metropolitan area of Bologna, Italy. Download the paper here. 

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  • Local PASS conference in Breda was a success

    Feb. 9, 2015 by Ankie Schoenmakers

    On February 5 and 6 the closing event of the Local PASS project was held in Breda, The Netherlands. Approximately 75 attendees from all over Europe listened to keynote speakers, participated in workshops and exchanged ideas on NPS and how to deal with them in our localities. 

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  • APDES hosts a seminar on NPS

    Feb. 9, 2015 by Ankie Schoenmakers

    As part of the celebration of 10 years of APDES, our partner APDES organised the seminar New Global Drug Trends, New Local Interventions; NPS - from research to action. The event took place on January 30 in Escola de Música do Conservatório Nacional in Lisbon. The seminar started with a scientific discussion on the current state of New Psychoactive Substances at a national and international level. In the second part interventions were discussed and the Local Pass project and its results were presented.  

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  • Emilia Romagna Region hosts conference Communication on #DRUGS

    Jan. 15, 2015 by Ankie Schoenmakers

    On 19-20 January 2015 Communication on #DRUGS takes place in Bologna, Italy. Local Pass partners Emilia Romagna Region and AUSL Bologna joined forces to create this dissemination event. Next to the presentation of Local Pass and its results, speaches will be given on how communication and media are used and can be used in relation to the world of drugs and drug prevention, treatment and services. During the event a big collection of posters and other communication tools on the subject of drugs will be exhibited.

    You can find the complete programme here.

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  • Literature review on interventions online

    Dec. 23, 2014 by Ankie Schoenmakers

    The literature review on interventions is ready and online. Feel free to download it here.

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  • Local Pass presented at (New) Horizons Of Drug Policy In Central European Metropolis

    Dec. 16, 2014 by Ankie Schoenmakers

    Eva Drápalová of Charles University Prague presented the up-to-date project results of Local Pass at the conference (New) Horizons Of Drug Policy In Central European Metropolis which took place in Prague, 25th September-27th September 2014. The aim of the conference was to discuss and define efficient and realistic drug policies in Central European metropolis. Main topics of the conference were:

    1. Minimization of health and social risks in drug policy area

    2. Public health protection and prevention of public nuisance

    3. Homeless people with addictions

    4. Cooperation of health and/or social services providers and law-enforcement agencies in drug policy-making

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  • 5-6 February 2015: Local PASS Conference

    Nov. 25, 2014 by Ankie Schoenmakers

    On 5 and 6 February 2015 the Municipality of Breda hosts the concluding conference of the Local PASS project:

    Innovative Local Approaches towards New Trends in PsychoActive Substance uSe, A European conference: Timely responding to new psychoactive substances in our communities.

    Traditionally, drug trends emerged in larger cities. However, many NPS can be purchased online 24/7 from virtually any location. As a result, new drug trends can quickly emerge in any municipality, large or small, urban or rural, requiring swift local policy responses. But information on new drugs is often only available at a national and EU-Level. Information for municipal stakeholders should be up-to-date and locally relevant.

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  • Local PASS presents itself and the first project results on LEPH 2014

    Oct. 16, 2014 by Ankie Schoenmakers

    From 5 to 8 October 2014 the second International Conference on Law Enforcement and Public Health (LEPH2014) was held in Amsterdam. Our colleagues from Local PASS Jean-Paul Grund, Renée Otte, Alex van Dongen and Carien van Weezel contributed to the session Adressing emerging trends in psychoactive drug use; GHB in Northern Brabant, The Netherlands. In this session they presented the project Local PASS and the first results. You can find their presentations here http://www.localpass.eu/cms/downloads/

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  • Local PASS meeting in Varna, Bulgaria

    Oct. 2, 2014 by Ankie Schoenmakers

    On September 18th the Steering Committee held their semi-annual meeting. This time they met in Varna, Bulgaria. Afterwards they visited a prevention centre to talk to local stakeholders and discuss ways to integrate the project results in practice. The Bulgarian press wrote an article about this. To read the article click here . 

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  • Een bijdrage leveren aan de toekomst van het omgaan met nieuwe drug(trends) in Europa? Dat kan! Vul de online survey nu in en maak het verschil.

    Aug. 21, 2014 by Ankie Schoenmakers

    LOCAL-PASS voert een grootschalig Europees onderzoek uit naar identificatie, risicotaxatie en interventie op het gebied van nieuwe trends in (drug) gebruik. Naast instelling voor verslavingszorg Novadic-Kentron werken 8 vooraanstaande partners mee uit 5 Europese landen, waaronder Charles University (Praag, Tsjechië) en Tranzo (Tilburg University, Nederland).

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  • When Research Meets Practice Things Happen: Jean-Paul Grund of Charles University joined Alex van Dongen prevention worker at Novadic-Kentron in Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands, on a field work trip. An interview.

    July 17, 2014 by Ankie Schoenmakers

    Two partners of the Local Pass project, Jean-Paul Grund of Charles University and Alex van Dongen of Novadic-Kentron, teamed up to share information and learn from each other. Alex took Jean-Paul on a field work trip to learn more about GHB use in Noord-Brabant. Read about Jean-Paul’s experiences in this interview.    

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  • New Psychoactive Substances on agenda in Portugal

    March 16, 2014 by Ankie Schoenmakers

    On march 13 and 14 the third Local Pass project meeting was held. Under supervision of project leaders Mariken Hulscher and Renée Otte the participants exchanged experiences on new drug trends; especially on New Psychoactive Substances (NPS). Representatives of all nine partners from Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, and The Netherlands were present.

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  • LOCAL- PASS project recognizes international trend

    Sept. 16, 2013 by Ankie Schoenmakers

    GHB was a new drug for Dutch youth in the streets around 2004. A small part of these youths got addicted to the highly addictive sedative. Now they mainly use the drug at home instead of in the streets.

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