The Local PASS Toolkit

On this page you find the Local PASS Toolkit. It is a set of guidelines, flowcharts and tools that can be used for early identification of and an early response to newly emerging trends in drug use and abuse in your locality. Through different methods and with the help of stakeholders and key informants at different levels from all partner countries data were collected on best practice and success factors at the local level with respect to identification of, risk assessment of, and interventions for new drug trends.

In the Local PASS Toolkit Guideline we describe the benefits of this toolkit, what it encompasses and how to put it to use, and how information about its process can be communicated.

The Toolkit is described in the three guidelines: The Identification Guideline, the Risk Assessment Guideline, and the Intervention Guideline. The guidelines describe the proces of early identification, risk assessment and intervention implementation in detail. Each guideline is a component of the toolkit, and they should be used in conjunction with each other. 

Local PASS Toolkit Guideline (890.7 KB)

Identification Guideline (1.6 MB)

Risk Assessment Guideline (1.8 MB)

Intervention Guideline (1.7 MB)

Flowchart Identification (256.7 KB)

Flowchart Risk Assessment (302.9 KB)

Flowchart Intervention (279.6 KB)