LOCAL-PASS started in 2013 as one of 11 projects funded by the European Union (EU) 'Drug Prevention and Information Programme - DPIP'. This Programme is the only EU programme which is dedicated to funding projects against illicit drugs. The Programme provides financial support for projects which aim to exchange and transfer best practice across the EU to improve the quality of prevention treatment services, to reduce drug-related health damage and to prevent drug. This Programme builds on the EU Drugs Strategy and Action plans, the ultimate aim of which is to significantly reduce the social harm and health damage caused by the use of, and trade in, illicit drugs.

The general objectives of DPIP that LOCAL-PASS shares are:

- to prevent and reduce drug use, dependence and drug-related harm;
- to contribute to the improvement of information on drug use to support the implementation of the EU Drugs Strategy.

LOCAL-PASS promotes actions aiming at:
- establishment of multidisciplinary networks;
- the expansion of the knowledge base.

Actions under the DPIP should also have the objective to:

- raise awareness of the social and health problems caused by drug use;
- encourage an open dialogue with a view to promoting a better understanding of the drug 
- develop measures aimed at preventing drug use, including the reduction of drug-related harm and 
  treatment methods, taking into account the latest state of scientific knowledge.

For more information on DPIP visit the website:

DPIP website