What is the LOCAL-PASS project?

Traditionally, drug trends emerged in larger cities. However, many New Psychoactive Substances can be purchased online 24/7 from virtually any location. As a result, new drug trends can quickly emerge in any municipality, large or small, urban or rural, requiring swift local policy responses. But information on new drugs is often only available at a national and EU-Level. Information for municipal stakeholders should be up-to-date and locally relevant.

LOCAL-PASS aims to develop an effective, standardised local system for (1) identification and assessment of new developments in psychoactive substance use, and to develop (2) an effective plan for local interventions.

Five European countries combine their expertise to develop integrated and
 innovative local approaches to identify, monitor and respond to new drug trends:

1. In the consumption of new psychoactive substances which are not
 controlled but which may pose health and social risks at a local level;
2. In the consumption of controlled substances that are used in a different way 
 and/or by different people.

This website contains information on the project, participants and results.